lunedì 17 aprile 2017

- Suction Melena - "Disfiguring Canine Hysteria" (VHS Box C40) -

Available (8 euros, check discogs or mail me)
Includes tracks with NAXAL PROTOCOL and DJIINN.

A1 Dog Dig This 2:17
A2 Disfiguring 6:04
A3 Sudden Maneuver 1:20
A4 Canine Simple Joke (feat. Naxal Protocol) 4:05

B1 K9 Olocaust 2:58
B2 Take Several Forms (feat. Djinn) 2:47
B3 Vixen Recovery (feat. Djinn) 3:28
B4 Canine Phanatic Handjob 3:07

Mastered At – Bergen Street Studio
Music By – Giovanni Melena

VHS Box, hand numbered, limited edition 30 copies with tape (with box) and five inserts wrapped in garbage bag. The inserts contain credits, tracklist, nasty images and two treaties: one on canine hysteria and the other on paraphilia known as zoophilia. Second chapter after previous "k9 - The Best Woman's Friend" (Luce Sia '16). Arsenal: Oscillators, Satan Sonata, Analog Olocaust February 2017. One shot like body penis.

Thanks to Piero Stanig and Eugene Vintras.