domenica 24 settembre 2017

- T.Q.S.P. (Recording Session) - Old Europa Cafe/Luce Sia

"Tutti quanti sognano porno (compiuti i dieci anni)"

Recording session

New upcoming CD album
CD Digipack / Ltd. 300

This is L.C.B.'s 10th anniversary album.
Recorded whit the contributions of: Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S), Egle Sommacal (Massimo Volume), Paolo Bandera (Sshe Retina Stimulants/Sigillum S), Andrea Chiaravalli (Iugula-Thor), Satanismo Calibro 9, Maurizio Bianchi, OtRoM and Passed.

Le Cose Bianche (2007 - 2017)

Old Europa Cafe / Luce Sia

Ph. and Video: Vito E-AKTION Losinno

venerdì 22 settembre 2017

- Iugula-Thor/Suction Melena - "Body Puzzle" (Tower Transmissions Reprint K7) -


A1 Body 20:00
B1 Puzzle 15:20

Reprinted on the occasion of the Iugula-Thor's partecipation at the Tower Transmissions (Dresden 2017).
k7, C40 (various colors, blu satine paper (200 gr), limited edition to 20 copies with small credits insert, signed and hand-numbered.

Custom Body Records 2017

giovedì 21 settembre 2017

- Le Cose Bianche/Suction Melena - "Tavola Anatomica I" (CD-R - Be Ton Prod.) -

Be ton Prod. (CD-R Limited Edtion to 36 copies).
Italian microlabel focused in productions -in extremely limited edition- of experimental and electronic music, like ambient, dark ambient, industrial, power electronic, noise. The covers of productions are all handmade, and the cdr are all factory pressed with printed surface Contact Info:

1.L'Ultimo Corpo
4.Fatti Largo

6.Last Action Penis
7.Tu Madre Table

Le Cose Bianche: music by LCB, recorded at Bergen Street Studio in September 2016 with analog synth and penis

Suction Melena: music by Giovanni Melena, recorded at Bergen Street Studio in 2017 with Dog Sonata Synthetizer

The series of Tavole Anatomiche (anatomic tables) is mainly based on the engravings of Giulio Casseri and Andrea Vesalio. Each Tavola Anatomica (anatomica table) is entrusted to a different artist, which provides his particular vision of the theme. Each Tavola, belonging to a series, has a common part (the cover face and the back -this one different for the notes only-) and a different part for each artist (the inside of the table with anatomical engraving). The covers are printed on paper of 200 grams, closed with dimensions of 13,50x21,70 cm. about 40.50x21.70 cm. about. In the center of each table there is a small appendix with the incision of a different anatomical detail that is different for each volume of the series. The front of the cover in cutted on the center, and has a different cut for each volume, which allows you to see a part of the inner anatomy. The cover is sealed with a fabric tape that holds a plexiglas blade and plastic needle with black thread. Inside the cover are some small inserts related to historical images of the anatomies, and two cards with the copy number (each copy has a double insert with number of copy), all is collected with a piece of gauze closed with a patch. One of the coy number is a toe tag with a black ribbon. Each Tavola Anatomica is strictly limited to 36 munbered copies, and has different color of plexiglas blade, ribbon and plastic needle, and a different form of cut on front cover.

This table Plexiglas blade: white Ribbon: white Plastic needle: yellow Cut on cover: square