martedì 13 marzo 2018

- Eleventh Year -

"Se queste Cose non dovessero succedere, allora non verrebbero mai da me."

sabato 10 marzo 2018

- "Mind Flesh" (Maurizio Bianchi/L.C.B.) & "Suction Melena, NMSY, din-i-ilahI (K7, Advaita Records) -


Maurizio Bianchi/L.C.B. - "Mind Flesh" K7

Limited edition C40 tape. The ideal continuation of the previous work entitled: "Brain Meat". New and unreleased material, mixed and recorder in February 2015. A new work collaborated by Italian power electronics Le Cose Bianche (L.C.B.) as well as Italian Maurizio Bianchi (M. B.) Who left great accomplishment in noise and industrial release cassette from advaita records of Japan.

MIND FLESH of the title can be interpreted as a subconscious mind that human thought and emotion became lump. By conducting methods such as meditation and psychic observation, you can look into thoughts and emotions that want to turn your eyes unintentionally intimidating from inside yourself. While it is tempting to turn my ears to the depressed tone of MB and LCB, it is why humans are strongly attracted because everyone human beings suppress, and chunks of such thinking and emotions sleeping in subconscious are usually It will be surfaced and purified along with a strange sensation that is not experienced in the state of consciousness.

Suction Melena/NMSY - K7

Limited Edition, collaboration tape C60. Side A is a tripartite collaboration sound source, din-i-ilahi is a track that has been corrupted and reedited so that the original song becomes unknown. Side B includes their own solo sound source.

Upcoming from japan, by Adavaita Records