sabato 3 settembre 2016

- SCOPAMI - Satanismo Calibro 9 / L.C.B. (Old Europa Cafe) -

Scopami LCB [Le Cose Bianche] / SC9 [Satanismo Calibro 9]
Limited Edition 50 copies

Available during September 2016 and officially out for the XII CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE (OEC's label festival) which will be held at Club KINDERGARTEN on September 30 2016 in Bologna - ITALY.

SCOPAMI ("Fuck me" for English) is the second chapter of a blasphemous trilogy by SC9 & LCB. GUARDAMI ("Look at me" for English) was the first chapter and PAGAMI ("Pay me" for English) will be the final chapter... No need to explain much more.....

SC9 & LCB are two of the new Italian projects involved in best Italian tradition for industrial muzak. The sounds of that album are a mixture of the Satanic rituals by SC9, the hysteric vocals of LCB and some good Italian Power Electronics.

Co-played and co-arranged by LCB and SC9. Texts and poems by Giovanni Mori and Francesco Perizzolo. Limited hand-numbered edition of only 50 copies.

1. Che Cosa Si Nasconde Dietro Alla Mia Pornografia
2. Girando Un Porno Da Solo
3. vent'Anni
4. Scopami
5. Quando A Milano Faceva Silenzio
6. Teresa
7. Non Guardarmi
8. Daisy
9. Non Deve Succedere Mai Più