martedì 11 aprile 2017

Cronaca Nera - Black Nylon Stocking Session (K7 Reprint)

A1) Ballbusting (Raptus 1) 4:42
A2) Lubrification (Raptus 2) 2:48
A3) Cum Slut (Raptus 3) 3:25
B1) Black Nylon And White Sperm (Raptus 4) 6:09
B2) Crossdresser Nylon Paradise (Raptus 5) 3:45

Originally released on Signora Ward Records in October 2014 as a limited edition CDr. Re-released as a tape with re-worked cover art on Ominous Recordings in March 2017. C22 tape with pro-printed fold-out cover in black case. Tape comes wrapped in knee-high nylon stocking.

Ominous Recordings