lunedì 1 gennaio 2018

- Comfort For The Stranger - Suction Melena & N. (K7, C40) -

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A1 Part 1
A2 Part 2
A3 Part 3
A4 Part 4

B1 Part 5
B2 Part 6
B3 Part 7
B4 Part 8

Limited Edition 20 copies hand-numbered.
C40 vintage box tape, green paper (200gr satine) with small credits insert and all wrapped in a piece of black leather.
Inside there is a link to download the album and Qcode for phone.
Music coplayed by Suction Melena and N. (October 2017).

SM: Roland Synthetizer, Memory Man, Penis Generator.
N.: Sound Generated by Pioneer CT400 and CT301, delay Memory Man and FIlter Micro Bass, loop multitrack 2880, tape Loops.
Recorded at Bergen Street Studio and at Calvario Studio.