domenica 1 maggio 2016


CRONACA NERA (“Black Cronicle” for English) is a three-headed Italian Industrial Power-Electronics Monster. The minds behind that monster are: § Adriano Vincenti (Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte) : Analogic Synth and Voice § Giovanni Mori (Le Cose Bianche) : Analogic Synth § Andrea Chiaravalli (Iugula-Thor) : Voice CRONA NERA was born from the mind of ADRIANO VINCENTI as a side project of MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE in 2000. After several outputs in 2000-2001 the project felt in the dark coming back into life only 15 years later because of a meeting by Adriano Vincenti and Giovanni Mori (LE COSE BIANCHE), the two decided to give a new birth to that project and Giovanni became an official member of CRONACA NERA bringing new creative lymph to the project and exploring the Power-Electronics sounds of the 90s, especially the Italian one. The project was immediately focusing on a criminal imaginary made of extreme sex, crime, provincial squalor, erotic and pornographic obsessions combined with a philological rediscovery of Italian power electronics of the 90s and the exclusive use of analog machines of that era plus an obsessive attention for the faithful reproduction of those sounds. 2015 was the year for the release of an EP (Black Nylon Stocking Session) and a split with IUGULA-THOR (for that release named “Abrax Mortuary”) one of the legends of Italian power electronics. Andrea Chiaravalli / Iugula-Thor became officially a CRONACA NERA member just after that release with the beginning of the recording sessions of the “Carne e Carnefice” (“Meat and Executioner” for English) album… CRONACA NERA consider themselves as the heirs of Atrax Morgue, Mauthausen Orchestra, Murder Corporation, Iugula-Thor, The Sodality, Project Death, Dead Body love, Sado Vision, Sshe Retina Stimulants... “Carne e Carnefice” consists of 8 tracks, all of them devoted to a different and particular extreme sexual practice. No compromise, no experiments, only the rumors of humiliated flesh in the embrace of pleasure and pain. Cronaca Nera Squirtorgasm attitude since 2001. Tracklist: 01 Forced Jerk 02 Trouble Every Day (special guests on that track: SATANISMO CALIBRO 9) 03 Knife Rubbing 04 Anal Prevarication 05 Ballbusting 06 Lust Hysteria 07 Squirtorgasm Attitude 08 Strap On

New upcoming studio album for CRONACA NERA: "Carne e Carnefice" (Old Europa Cafe, 2016)
Mastering by Francesco Perizzolo from Satanismo Calibro 9

Adriano Vincenti: noise, vox
Giovanni Mori: synth
Andrea Chiaravalli: vox

New album and new formation with the Deus ex Machina of IUGULATHOR: A-C.