martedì 13 ottobre 2015

Genetic Colonization and Deep Web Commerce: The Sexual method to Mannheim - LCB/SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS

Limited Edition 50 copies

To be released on October 31 2015 for the OEC label festival "X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE" to be held in Bologna - Italy. And exclusively available at this event.

THE SEXUAL METHOD TO MANNHEIM, is a collaborative release exclusively released for the "X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE". This is the hypothetical continuation of previous work between Paolo Bandera and Giovanni Mori "Carnaliter Development" published on double tape by Spatter Records in 2014. Focusing on themes dear to both projects, such as a certain type of sexuality and its contextualization into today inevitable sexual marketing. "Mannheim" shows the fury of the two projects. Pure analog sounds. 50 hand-numbered copies of harsh, uncompromising Italian Old-School Industrial and modern Power-Electronics.


1. Extra-theoretical function and deep institutionalization of psycho-social anomalies
2. Cultural premises of erogenous elites in sex workers branding
3. Dark dusty walls looked upward from destroyed benches in abandoned web brothels
4. A radical rethinking of inherent abomination in code colonialism imprinting and giant retail perversion
5. Public commotion by linking an analysis of voluptuous and violent content to religious extremism