giovedì 5 febbraio 2015


LCB / Wertham - Contempt c-5o collaboration / split tape. out on ANGST, late march 2o15

ANGST is glad to present "Contempt", a brand new release that is both a collaboration and a split between Tuscany's acclaimed extreme noise LE COSE BIANCHE, and WERTHAM, since two decades, Lombardy's supplier of antisocial electronics. LCB delivers 4 tracks in its personal style, featuring highly saturated sounds and Italian shouted manic vocals WERTHAM trade mark full-frontal analog aggression, vocal wreckage and explicit samples. Furthermore, thee tape is completed by two collaboration tracks blending both styles together. As the title suggests, "Contempt" includes 10 hymns for the socially impaired, focusing on obsessions, disabilities, phobias, predatory instincts and good-old antisocial tendencies. c-5o, comes in black and white J-Card illustrated by Marco Deplano.

Delayed for very long time, and with endless work and efforts behind it __ But the collaboration // split tape bewteen Wertham and Le Cose Bianche (L.C.B.) is finally READY, alive and throbbing, to be out on ANGST.

It is called CONTEMPT and is something quite naughty and ruthless, both for sounds and feelings behind it. 4 track each + 2 tracks together.

AVAILABLE NOW, 6 euros (paypal) mail to: