lunedì 26 gennaio 2015


SUCTION MELENA is my new project that which favors the use of electric bass distorted and piano. Only pure extreme noise, violent and minimal.


CACATOIO (tape C40)



A1 Untitled I
A2 Untitled II

B1 Stupro Rituale Dei Valori

Split tape (SNTS Production) between S.M. and a b side project by Davide Femia (Museo della Tortura)
First release for SUCTION MELENA (aliases project of mine)
Pure analog extreme noise.
Limited, private edition.
Numbered Copies.


Double release with new and original material between IUGULA-THOR and SUCTION MELENA (my new extreme noise project).

SNUFF RECORDED : tape, limted 50 copies. Custom Body Records.

ALL DREAMS ARE ONLY SELF FACIALS : CD-R PRO, limited 100 copies. Custom Body Records.

Dual output, just pure power noise, violent and without any kind of compromise.
More info soon...

Italian experimental power electronics project formed by Andrea Chiaravalli with the assistance of Paolo Bandera and Eraldo Bernocchi. Many of the early recordings were heavily influenced by thrash and speed metal. Since 1994 the project has primarily been just Andrea with the assistance of Paolo Bandera, verging more closely on noise oriented territories. After a period of inactivity started in 1999, 2012 has seen a new track appearing on a compilation, while recording has been completed for new albums and live appearances have started again. Iugula-Thor has often been closely tied with Sigillum S, as Andrea Chiaravalli has often assisted that project in the studio and live, especially during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Is the new and the other face of G. Mori, already known as Le Cose Bianche (L.C.B.)
New project of pure extreme noise violent and minimal, which favors the use of electric bass and piano.