martedì 16 settembre 2014

- BRAIN MEAT - Maurizio Bianchi / L.C.B. -

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / L.C.B. “Brain Meat” CD coplayed(FMSMB2/FMSSB2) OUT NOW on Final Muzik !!!

1.Mutant Brain
2.Brain Meat

Recorded and mixed during Autumn 2012. Brain electronics and Meat waves by M.B. and G.M.: outstanding analog treatments, sonic abuse and disturbing manipulated frequencies. Brain is Meat: this is Brain electronics / Meat electronics. One of the best M.B. collaboration CDs ever released! Mastering: Eraldo Bernocchi. Limited to 200 copies only, cardboard sleeve, silver CD, with intentional double catalogue number (CD and sleeve).

10 euro ship included (paypal)

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